Monday, 28 December 2015

"Introducing I Know I'm An Alien" Interview for Kemptation Website

I Know I'm An Alien's Walter Weirdheadd spoke to Kemptation for an interview about humanity, his personal life story in this dimension, musical influences, inspiration, creation, the cosmos and his process of making music in this reality. He also went on to warn people about the dangers of mainstream media, reading the newspaper and watching TV and how these (not so subtle) wave forms penetrate into your subconscious mind. Word.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

"I always felt from a very young age that I was different."

"...this first I Know I’m An Alien album was conceived around the frustration of living in a world ruled by greed, materialism and need for control. The suffocation of this meaningless nine to five world stirred me up and produced these lyrics."

"We create our realities based on what we choose to tune into, we have freewill.
I am hopeful for the human race though..."

"I don’t understand Earthlings that well, but I try to love them to the best of my ability."

Read the full interview here:

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