Monday, 28 December 2015

"Introducing I Know I'm An Alien" Interview for Kemptation Website

I Know I'm An Alien's Walter Weirdheadd spoke to Kemptation for an interview about humanity, his personal life story in this dimension, musical influences, inspiration, creation, the cosmos and his process of making music in this reality. He also went on to warn people about the dangers of mainstream media, reading the newspaper and watching TV and how these (not so subtle) wave forms penetrate into your subconscious mind. Word.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

"I always felt from a very young age that I was different."

"...this first I Know I’m An Alien album was conceived around the frustration of living in a world ruled by greed, materialism and need for control. The suffocation of this meaningless nine to five world stirred me up and produced these lyrics."

"We create our realities based on what we choose to tune into, we have freewill.
I am hopeful for the human race though..."

"I don’t understand Earthlings that well, but I try to love them to the best of my ability."

Read the full interview here:

Friday, 25 December 2015

The True Meaning of Christmas

I Know I'm An Alien

The True Meaning Of Christmas EP (2015)

Track list:

1. Silent Night
2. Christmas, The True Meaning of Christmas
3.Xmas Is Only About Buying Stuff And People Expect You To Be Happy Or This and That And Project Their Expectations On You

Merry Christmas to all Earthlings !

With Love

Friday, 11 December 2015

I Know I'm An Alien has recorded Jimi Hendrix's "Up From The Skies" from the album Axis: Bold as Love for reasons of identification. Jimi was also not from this planet, as people who introduce new ideas to humans commonly are not. It's all in the lyrics. The song is for the Prepared Guitar website tribute to Hendrix's birthday in November.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dad is Car

I Know I'm An Alien big influences is Hanatarash, Faust, Sun Ra and other stuff.
Walter Weirdheadd is a 21st century cosmic yogi space prophet who brings to earth a message common to other great people in music, you know who they are (John Lennon Bob Marley and many more)
It is a message of unity, peace love and evolution. But first the problem must be identified . The problem is these messed up structures we created for ourselves that we find ourselves trapped in at the moment. It's an old way thinking that started this and it won't be the same thinking that will bring an end to it, like that guy Einstein said once. A new mind is needed. A forward thinking mind, our right brain mind, our intuitive mind. A world with less rules, less structure, more color, more love and more freedom. A new world, a free world. It can be done, it has been done in other parts of the Universe, other galaxies. Trust me. Creativity is the answer, self - expression. The powers that be want a dull boring world. Hell no.
I Know I'm An Alien expresses their views on the problem in Being at Work = Being in School and almost all songs on the album ex.: Nine to Five...pretty obvious.
Being at Work = Being in School was played on Anthony Chalmer's Radio show Independent Music Podcast on NTS Radio on November 16th of this year then again on the 30th. Thank you Anthony. Here are the links:

I Know I'm Alien also got some airplay on the legendary 104.4 Resonance FM Radio during Club Social's weekly show on Wednesday nights from 9h30 - 10-30PM.  Thank you for your support.

It can be listened to here:


Saturday, 5 December 2015

What a few Earthlings have said upon listening to I Know I'm An Alien's debut album:

"Listening to  I Know I'm An Alien now. It's melting my brain. Good-weird stuff man."
            -Matt from Caliper Music

"I Know I'm an Alien. Guaranteed to the be the weirdest brilliant music you'll hear today."
                  -Baba Yaga's Hut

"Weird and cool"
                    -Julie Tippex

" girlfriend came into the room when I started the first song. She immediately ran out and shouted i should turn this scary music off. Definitely gonna download this!"
                        - Captain Bee Fart

I'm an Alien I'm not from here and Sometimes (most of the time) I wanna go home but I know I have to try and understand you

The Real Story:
I Know I'm An Alien is the music made by an incarnated alien from 5th dimensional star realms in humanoid form and his impressions on current human behavior and their funny outlook on life.
Aware of the trappings of 3D reality, the artist utilizes unconventional guitar sounds and singing voice to express his awkwardness when faced with violence, greed, love for technology over living beings, war and just the plain zombie-like behavior of his fellows.
For many years, our hero attempted to live an "earthly" acceptable life just like his peers, trying to fit in with his fellows by doing drugs, drinking insane amounts of alcohol and engaging in numerous other obsessions, like sex and pornography, to escape the sad truth of failing to belong to a society whose standards he fails to comprehend.
After a while, he goes completely insane and gets committed over and over to mental institutions by the "normal" people. The absurd pain, misery and hell of depression wakes him up out of his human coma to his divine heritage and he remembers his mission on earth, which is to help others awaken to their own true nature leading them by example with his own life.
His message is that through a deep transformation of the psyche, a revolution is then possible and the Earth can and will ascend to higher dimensions towards a reality based on principles of peace, love and understanding.
This album is heavily inspired by the alien's attempt at a "normal" 9-5 slave-like job in one of the world's largest zombie filled metropolises that cripples his Soul on a daily basis and tries to dominate and block his creative nature. His short-haired, polo-shirt-wearing, virtual-reality-loving co-workers indulge in their money-chasing, reality-escaping lives all week long seeking ferociously for the Holy Grail of fulfillment to their lives: getting wasted at the pub on Friday night.