Sunday, 24 April 2016

Still Alien Still Dreaming (I Am Hobo Shaman) Considerations

Still Alien Still Dreaming (I Am Hobo Shaman)

Words are useless (most of the time) and are not truth. They can point to truth but are not truth. 

People nowadays seem to belittle ancient civilizations and assume they  were ignorant and less evolved. This is due to modern man thinking that to be evolved is about creating things that will do for him what he doesn't want to do himself like, "Oh look at us we have these amazing smartphones, we can buy all this stuff here with a click of a button and I will make my house a smarthome and and will have a smartcar and they will do everything for me so I can just sit back and watch the news on my great TV. These things weren't around in medieval times, how stupid they probably were!"
We read about humans before them and cavemen and all that in history books and bought this reality that was presented to us and we were forced by teachers to memorize these things and then show them how good we are at remembering things under pressure from them, and our parents. They made us think shit like  "man, if we don't memorize this shit we'll be freaking starving nobodies in the future, we need to know this, we need carreers, we don't want to become like dirty artists, those poor people!"
This is very heavy conditioning. Makes people skeptical to something like:

"It will probably be found, in the course of time, that the oft-repeated statements of H. P. Blavatsky that the ancients had all of our arts and mechanical devices were true. She asserted that they had flying machines. In Buddhist books is a --- p.111---- story of Buddha which refers to a flying machine or mechanical bird used in a former life of the Lord, and Indian tradition speaks also of air walking machines. Reading this item in the newspaper reminds me too of a conversation I had with H. P. Blavatsky in New York before the phonograph came out, in which she said that some Indian friends of hers had a machine by which they spoke with each other over distances of miles with great ease. Perhaps when the great West is convinced that the old Aryans had mechanical contrivances equaling our own, it will be ready to lead a readier ear than now to the philosophies the East has so long held in keeping."
William Q. Judge from the Theosophical Society
Path, July, 1894

You say something like that to someone and they'll beat you up Plato Cave style saying "where did you come up with that you lunatic, we didn't learn that in college, loser."
Anyways, all these are just reality tunnels created by those who wrote the history books with whatever purposes they had in mind at the time and everyone bought it as the one and only  reality for all of humanity. We just agreed to this and continue to agree because we don't know any better. This causes a lot of problems to this day. We are all different Universes within ourselves, we each are a world within a world, with different ways of experiencing ourselves individually and we've been given very unique paths to follow. No one can do this for us.  So the biggest crime would have to be imposing you reality on someone else's and convincing them that this is true. And them believing it.
Walking around in a big city we are bombarded with ads and silly attempts of people and corporations trying to impose their shallow realities onto ours and steal our energy for their own purposes.
I dream of a society where we celebrate our uniqueness where no one interferes in each other's lives for reasons other than helping each other out. May we be rid of selfishness and wake up from this ridiculous materialistic trance and indulgence in useless things. 

The idea of the Hobo Shaman is that everyone is a Buddha and that people who chose to incarnate as hobos are practicing Shamans who got a lot to teach us so when you see a homeless person, smile at them! Our problem is the rich and greedy not the beat up and humble.

Let us celebrate arts, and give thanks to Ornette Coleman, Coltrane, John Cage, Stockhausen, Iggy Pop, Miles Davis, Bowie, Prince and all innovators who fearlessly pushed the boundaries and took one for the team so we can have freedom in music.

This all sounds very serious but it's not. But it also is.

If you want to know who the Anunnaki were, thanks to the internet, there's a lot of info online. And telepathy. But most importantly, in books. Read books, find the books that resonate. Question what you read, specially when reading from internet. Read stuff, question things and come up with your very own opinion not based on anything. Or simply don't read anything and come up with your own opinion based on self experimenting. Or even better, let go of opinions, they are of use to no one.

Musicians and artists are today's wizards, shamans and magicians.  Matter of fact so is everyone in potential, if they just realize this.

The Native American Indians and many others were well aware of this too. 

Modern man is trapped in a world of excessive technology which blocks him from his true Self, leading to a life without purpose or meaning.

Atlantis, the ancient civilization that was here before us perished because of this. 

May we bring back magick and ritual to the dullness of everyday modern life.


1. When Our Mind Catches Up To What's Going On, We Will Understand Telepathy and Other Things 01:11
2. The Anunnaki 02:39
3. Smartphone = Dumbphone 02:22
4. Death By Technology (Atlantean Prophecy) 01:20
5. You Will Never Understand Me 02:43
6. Becoming Human 01:48
7. I Am Hobo Shaman 03:31
8. Magick Without Tears (Green Frog With Orange Eyes Sitting On A White Spotted Mushroom) 08:36
9. Hare Hare Against Genetic Engineering 02:07
10. I Am Pizza Hobo Bum Not Robot Bum 03:11
11. Hey Hi Tech Lover 04:52
12. I Don't Min1d The Space Drift 03:58
13. Our Minds They Shine The Suns In Space 06:03

Friday, 22 April 2016

Apology Statement + Letter to the Band = Reality Tunnels

"I Know I'm An Alien's Walter Weirdheadd has sent an official statement saying his terrestrial vehicle has caught an earthly virus which his 5th dimensional lightbody isn't used to and it has lowered his vibration to the point where he cannot use his sonic powers to the best of his abilities and sends his apologies for he cannot perform."

- apology letter to the legendary Hundred Years Gallery for WW's first solo show

WW is fully healed and will be ready to go for the Alien's full band debut, a shamanic ritual never seen before this side of the Thames, where they will summon the sweet occult vibrations of the unseen beings waiting to manifest in these realms for the first time in front of curious(?) earth dwellers. An open mind and spiritual consent is expected to fully allow for the sharing and merging of reality tunnels to be created by audience and musicians/sorcerers. An unforgettable trip? We hope so. 

Music makes me fly. I definitely know I'm an alien more than ever, today in particular for some reason.

Below, I share with thee (whoever the hell reads this or not) a letter from Walter's weird head to the fellow band members and sonic time travelers of yesterday to get them pumped up for the upcoming show at a place and date which may or may not be revealed/exist/take place. Please enjoy.

"It is important to remember that our role goes beyond being musicians, as sound vibrations are very powerful mind expanding tools (among other things).
Famous writer Joseph Campbell called musicians the modern day shamans and I agree. If we see ourselves this way and hold this as true in our minds, our whole way of playing will shift when we approach our instruments. It is a magical thing we have here, this is really awesome. 
Remember this and with that mindset, there is no right or wrong note, there is nothing to worry about ever, we are exploring and experiencing, there is just ongoing sound waves flowing from us coming out of our amps. Everything is Energy. This is how we get confident. Trust me, we are freaking magicians man. You will see great change once you start seeing yourself that way, and when you talk to people you will speak to them as a  musician who is part of something greater. It brings respect and admiration when you talk about yourself like that. Careful with those. Nothing to fear cause this is truth.

I met  Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin last week he and is a magician/occult sound wizard as we all know. I take this as a sign of synchronicity from the Universe that we are being guided in the right path."

Monday, 11 April 2016

Jean- Michel Basquiat - Philistines. These paintings are very dear to me and an influence to me as a person and artist. It is what I think these songs would look like if I could paint them. 


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Still Alien Still Dreaming (I Am Hobo Shaman)

new music_art

Friday, 8 April 2016

I Know I'm An Alien Live solo Set

I Know I'm An Alien will do a live improvised set next Sunday April 17th at the Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton. It will be the first ever Alien show, solo though.

First full band performance ever happens on the 30th of April in the Shoreditch/Hoxton area.

Thank you Hundred Years Gallery for being so awesome.

Click on the link to go to the event page:
I Know I'm An Alien at Hundred Years Gallery

When I'm sad I look at paintings by Basquiat. They keep me alive.
I suppose my songs in general are like little Basquiat paintings.