Friday, 22 April 2016

Apology Statement + Letter to the Band = Reality Tunnels

"I Know I'm An Alien's Walter Weirdheadd has sent an official statement saying his terrestrial vehicle has caught an earthly virus which his 5th dimensional lightbody isn't used to and it has lowered his vibration to the point where he cannot use his sonic powers to the best of his abilities and sends his apologies for he cannot perform."

- apology letter to the legendary Hundred Years Gallery for WW's first solo show

WW is fully healed and will be ready to go for the Alien's full band debut, a shamanic ritual never seen before this side of the Thames, where they will summon the sweet occult vibrations of the unseen beings waiting to manifest in these realms for the first time in front of curious(?) earth dwellers. An open mind and spiritual consent is expected to fully allow for the sharing and merging of reality tunnels to be created by audience and musicians/sorcerers. An unforgettable trip? We hope so. 

Music makes me fly. I definitely know I'm an alien more than ever, today in particular for some reason.

Below, I share with thee (whoever the hell reads this or not) a letter from Walter's weird head to the fellow band members and sonic time travelers of yesterday to get them pumped up for the upcoming show at a place and date which may or may not be revealed/exist/take place. Please enjoy.

"It is important to remember that our role goes beyond being musicians, as sound vibrations are very powerful mind expanding tools (among other things).
Famous writer Joseph Campbell called musicians the modern day shamans and I agree. If we see ourselves this way and hold this as true in our minds, our whole way of playing will shift when we approach our instruments. It is a magical thing we have here, this is really awesome. 
Remember this and with that mindset, there is no right or wrong note, there is nothing to worry about ever, we are exploring and experiencing, there is just ongoing sound waves flowing from us coming out of our amps. Everything is Energy. This is how we get confident. Trust me, we are freaking magicians man. You will see great change once you start seeing yourself that way, and when you talk to people you will speak to them as a  musician who is part of something greater. It brings respect and admiration when you talk about yourself like that. Careful with those. Nothing to fear cause this is truth.

I met  Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin last week he and is a magician/occult sound wizard as we all know. I take this as a sign of synchronicity from the Universe that we are being guided in the right path."

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