Sunday, 13 November 2016

Most likeable song

This here a post is about the song Dha Ghe Dha Ghe on the Brain Terror which btw should get a video for i hope and pray and expect

Dha Ghe Dha Ghe or something along those lines was the original title of the song which got changed to Let's just say i didnt say anything on another album i made under a different band name. since this band is no more and i like this song, ive restored it to its original name (sorta) and am also gonna start playing it live at gigs.
it is my most likeable song id say, the lyrics have positive message as one can read below:

i have come to find
theres nothing wrong
in trying
to do the things you shouldnt do, you couldnt do
whats the worst that can happen
i ll tell you what will happen
everything will be all right
yeah 8x (more or less)