Tuesday, 28 June 2016


BRAIN TERROR by iknowimanalien is out now

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Review of Hobo Shaman on Gilded Gutter and new track from upcoming album

"Human’s imagining being aliens imagining to be humans has a proven track record of being a powerful thing …. Bowie and Sun Ra both established that when one is in charge of one’s own universe there’s room to concisely define parameters in order to communicate ideas.  I can’t tell if these 13 songs feel dysfunctional as a result of rebelling against or actually reflecting our everyday life in this city.  Could well be a bit of both.   I was drawn to this record because it so clearly gets this concept across; it conveys the sensation of having oneself mirrored back –part hilarity and part surprise.  With songs like ‘Hey Hi Tech Lover’, ‘Becoming Human’ and ‘Hare Hare Against Genetic Engineering’ I Know I’m An Alien captures both those things, the absurd side to being human and the shocking."

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Review of Hobo Shaman on gilded Gutter....!

Also, a new track has been unveiled and it is a cover of the Beatles' masterpiece "Piggies", written by the amazing George Harrison. The lyrics are still as relevant today as in 1968. Maybe more so?
The new Album coming out very soon will be called Brain Terror (Forget Your Head) and will have two other versions of songs by David Bowie and Roky Erickson.