Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dad is Car

I Know I'm An Alien big influences is Hanatarash, Faust, Sun Ra and other stuff.
Walter Weirdheadd is a 21st century cosmic yogi space prophet who brings to earth a message common to other great people in music, you know who they are (John Lennon Bob Marley and many more)
It is a message of unity, peace love and evolution. But first the problem must be identified . The problem is these messed up structures we created for ourselves that we find ourselves trapped in at the moment. It's an old way thinking that started this and it won't be the same thinking that will bring an end to it, like that guy Einstein said once. A new mind is needed. A forward thinking mind, our right brain mind, our intuitive mind. A world with less rules, less structure, more color, more love and more freedom. A new world, a free world. It can be done, it has been done in other parts of the Universe, other galaxies. Trust me. Creativity is the answer, self - expression. The powers that be want a dull boring world. Hell no.
I Know I'm An Alien expresses their views on the problem in Being at Work = Being in School and almost all songs on the album ex.: Nine to Five...pretty obvious.
Being at Work = Being in School was played on Anthony Chalmer's Radio show Independent Music Podcast on NTS Radio on November 16th of this year then again on the 30th. Thank you Anthony. Here are the links:

I Know I'm Alien also got some airplay on the legendary 104.4 Resonance FM Radio during Club Social's weekly show on Wednesday nights from 9h30 - 10-30PM.  Thank you for your support.

It can be listened to here:


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