Monday, 18 January 2016

I Know I'm An Alien on WFMU

Absolute pure mystical magic as "Being At Work = Being in School" got some airplay on legendary WFMU radio, one the best and coolest radio stations in the world.

The song was played in Dance With Me, Stanley with Stashu on January 2nd of this year and had a far out, beautiful and touching performance by Stashu with the album title "I Know I'm An Alien and I Want To Go Home Sometimes But Then I Remember That I Gotta Try and Understand You" being repeated over and over drenched in reverb fading into  the cosmic nothingness of Fünf . 

That blew my mind and was one the coolest things I ever heard. 

Thank You Stashu. Thank you WFMU. I love you for Obvious reasons.

Listen here, from 0:40:48 onwards:

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