Monday, 22 February 2016

Alien News

A new album to be called "Still Alien Still Dreaming" is I would say ready to be shared in the physical plane of existence, meaning CD-R and virtual internet release for now. By physical plane I mean, before becoming an actual sound the music is a thought, so sounds are the way these thoughts exist in the material world, yes. The songs mostly revolve around the themes of mind control, alien races like the Anunnaki, the fall of Atlantis due to the overuse of technology and genetic engineering and the belief the we are all creators and not sheep like the commonly held misconception. One day we will know telepathy. yeah, pretty far out stuff. This album was recorded on cassette.

And also a Meditation album called "I Know I'm An Alien Meditations" is ready for release too. It was recorded with the use of Binaural Theta Waves technology tuned in 432Hz, the natural tuning. This stuff is all online for research, find the truth dude, whoever you are. There are seven tracks each one corresponding to a Chakra (energy centers in the Human Body) and each Chakra has a musical tone in which each song was recorded in. If you are a person who doesn't relate to this world where it's at at this point in evolution with it's money oriented ways then you must certainly need to meditate to not go completely nuts with shit.

Finally, a cassette release of the first I Know I'm An Alien Album I Know I am an Alien and want to Go Home Sometimes but then I Remember That I gotta Try and Understand you  is in the plans as well. Up til now it had only been available on bandcamp and CD-R.

A live band is being put together for amazing mind blowing performances of the pieces in that album as well as the upcoming release for gigs in London or wherever we get asked to go cause we free, ultimately we are free spirits, our Souls are just here visiting, a stroll in the park right

So yeah, Zappa is so great, but Beefheart, man, Zoot Horno Rollo solo albums, the Bozo one, Sun City Girls, what a fucking great band, they get it, they got it. And you know The Residents and Sun Ra, Renaldo and the Loaf, Terry riley, these are people that get it! And Picky Picnic from Japan.

Oh and Patti Smith, this interview here:

I'm excited about stuff.

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