Tuesday, 6 September 2016


thanks TERMBO for listening and having an experience than later using words to describe sounds you heard on the tape. I like how you used the word "disorienting" to describe things, pretty far out stuff...plus i been listening to the Factorymen and Sockeye now and i didnt know them, i mean i had heard of Sockeye and now i've been tuning into their vast discography, it's pretty vast

thanks again here it is


I Know I'm An Alien "I Know I'm An Alien and I Want To Go Home Sometimes But then I Remember I Gotta Try and Understand You" cassette
The project name and release title, combined with some very wacky song titles had me thinking this might be a tough listen - a gimmick that would surely grow old after 16 songs. But it was actually a pretty good listen...a one-man project based out of the UK, by a man (alien?) calling himself Walter Weirdheadd. Very strange electronic experimentation with occasional guitar/bass, reminds me of the Factorymen project at times. But perhaps even a bit more disorienting. The "alien observing humanity" gag doesn't get old due to the fact that there are few vocals on the cassette - the vocals that are there are electronically distorted, and sometimes vastly overpower the rest of the track, sometimes the opposite. Tough to understand (even keeping an eye on the track titles), they mainly just make the whole affair more disorienting. More than anything, this tape reminded me of some of the obscure Sockeye side-projects...ones where they eschew their reliance on crude, absurd humor in favor of weirdness and social commentary. This guy's Bandcamp is worth checking out if you're a fan of this type of oddness. 50 physical copies made.(RR)
(self-released // iknowimanalien.bandcamp.com)

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