Thursday, 12 May 2016

I Know I'm An Alien Solo Set at Hundred Years Gallery for Festival OVO

After being forced to cancel due to poor acclimation to Earth weather as mentioned in previous blog post, I Know I'm An Alien will finally play long overdue solo set at the great Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, London, UK.

The set will consist of spaced out synthesizer and atonal guitar weirdness along with far out magnetic tape manipulations in order to bend space and time and successfully achieve a change in dimension and a creation of a new reality for 20-25 minutes or however long it will last in Earth time. Respect.

Tapes and CD-R's will be available to the public.

The festivities will be a part of the great Festival OVO which occurs in beloved South America, more precisely the great nation of Brazil, city of Porto Alegre where musicians will play together in real time through the proper use of technology to also bring down the barriers of time and space and transcend physical existence and geographical limitations imposed by collective lack of knowledge of humans as time travellers and higher dimensional beings.

OVO Festival Sonoro: Lote3 musica intercontinental live webcast. Sunday 15th May from 5pm

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